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hengheng1688 is an international gaming entertainment company. hengheng1688.com is owned by hengheng1688 betting in all gambling activities hengheng1688 by the Government of Cambodia under the supervision of the betting lists。

1. hengheng1688 Live Casino

hengheng1688 Inc. is a development of online baccarat game, has been at the front of the same industry, we do not need to download the game, open the URL to the game! Convenient, but safe! hengheng1688 is a network of cameras able to see the scene through the Dealer's online casino! The use of real-time compressed video streaming, players can see blackjack, baccarat, roulette, the size of the actual game. Dealer will be nice to send your card, dice, wheel disk. All the game will have real results, rather than the result of the default computer. In addition, players can direct and dealer chat and video streaming technology at the same time can be to hear their response.

2. Casino Live hengheng1688 at Cambodia in Asia , the licensing of our members who are mostly in Asia.

3. Hengheng1688 Games are loved players at home and abroad!

4. Only registered members from the online game accounts, there is a broadband connection to use the computer at home, companies, places of entertainment to the game! With a security system as a result, no matter where they are safe !

5. Each customer is free to change your password. (In the choice of the game board screen, click "change password")

6. The game is fair!

7. Our 24-hour Pitboss (casino manager) on duty, when misdeal Dealer, Pitboss (casino manager) will give us out of this game does not work, customers will be refunded under the chip to the customer account。

These are the international casino gaming and entertainment, with Cambodia's business empire for more than 10 years of betting site betting license.
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